Green Lion

Introducing Green Lion | Fulmina Distri: An Alchemical Odyssey. Embark on an alchemical journey with Green Lion | Fulmina Distri, a profound exploration rooted in the age-old quest for the elixir of long life. Alchemists across civilizations sought the "Metallic Philosopher’s Stone," aiming to purify the body, soul, and spirit to attain a matter that is both pure and alive. This quest, known as the Royal Art, leads to the creation of the "Projection Powder" or "Philosopher’s Stone." This transformative powder, capable of turning base metals into gold, represents the pinnacle of alchemical wisdom, offering a universal medicine for the human body. Green Lion extends this wisdom by presenting a vegetal "Philosopher’s Stone," a unique preparation derived from the vegetable kingdom. Mirroring the process of its metallic counterpart, this vegetal elixir facilitates cell regeneration, harmonizing the frequencies of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Join us on this alchemical odyssey, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding, inviting you to elevate your existence and explore the profound realms of regeneration and vibrational transformation.

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Green Lion
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