Lapis Elixir

Introducing Lapis Elixir | Fulmina Distri, a cutting-edge dietary supplement that rejuvenates and combats aging by enhancing cellular regeneration and energizing mitochondrial functions. This elixir draws from unicellular Eukaryotes found in the Arctic and dry Cedar buds, uniting ancient wisdom with modern science. Throughout history, the quest to harness life's energy has been a closely guarded secret, but Lapis Elixir brings it to the forefront. This elixir, whose name combines Latin "Lapis" for "Stone" with Arabic "Al-Iksir" and Greek "Alexo" for "I extract," symbolizes the fusion of Earth and Stone. By infusing cells with bio-electricity, it initiates cellular cleansing, restoring the original programming and acting on telomerase function and mitochondrial ATP production. Lapis Elixir is the bridge between age-old wisdom and contemporary cellular rejuvenation, revitalizing your body from within.

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Lapis Elixir
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