Lapis Iris

Introducing Lapis Iris | Fulmina Distri, a unique elixir that encapsulates the quintessence of gemstones in hydromel. This extraordinary blend features Jaspe, Sapphire, Calcedon, Emerald, Sardoin, Cornaline, Chrysolith, Beryl, Topaz, Chrysoprase, Hyacinth, and Amethyst. Alchemically extracted to encompass the salt, sulfur, and mercurial principles of each of these 12 stones, it embodies their 12 frequencies, vibrational virtues, and geometric shapes. Infused with Celtic mead (Hydromel), Lapis Iris activates the energy of the nadis, enhancing the vitality of our vital body and Ether. A harmonious fusion of nature's treasures for your well-being.

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Lapis Iris
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