Lapis Juvenes

Introducing Lapis Juvenes | Fulmina Distri, a remarkable product that acts as a "Golden Enzyme" and a regulator for renal function and the prostate. Crafted from diverse extracts, including oligopeptides, oysters' bio-enzymes, Tuber indicum, Polygonatum odoratum, Panax ginseng, Lepidium meyenii, and Albika Abelmoschus manihot, this formula harnesses the natural resonance with hormonal production functions, including estrogens, progesterones, and testosterones. The oyster oligopeptides and plant extracts rekindle the bioelectric signals in our bodies, promoting proper cell function. Lapis Juvenes nurtures hormonal health, maintaining vitality as we age, without being a vasodilator but rather a physical bio-regulator. It balances Ying Yang energy levels, supports renal function, and enhances overall immunity. A rejuvenating solution for both men and women.

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Lapis Juvenes
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