Lapis Ostra

Introducing Lapis Ostra | Fulmina Distri, a pioneering bio-regulator complex meticulously crafted to support the maintenance of the hormonal system and the nervous system. The main ingredient, Rhodiola Imbricata, a plant with roots in ancient traditions, has been perfected through years of trials and experimentation into a 100% organic, high-vibrational quality product. This exclusive formula harnesses the power of root eucaryote extracts from Rhodiola Imbricata, found in the lofty Pan-Himalayan mountains at altitudes of 1600 to 4000 meters. This unique variety of Rhodiola exhibits exceptional vitality and adaptability to its environment, with Eukaryotes' "memories" directly influencing mitochondrial ATP in our cells. The extract contains active principles that enhance oxygenation of the brain and blood, facilitate cognitive function development by enhancing communication between the left and right hemispheres, maintain physical bio-regulation of hormonal functions, regulate the epiphysis and hypophysis glands, affect telomeres, modulate the Central Nervous System (CNS), reduce stress and regulate Adrenalin and noradrenalin production functions, improve physical performance and post-exercise recovery by enhancing oxygen supply to muscles, enhance sleep quality through melatonin level regulation, regulate cardiovascular and sexual functions (non-vasodilatory), and stimulate the natural production of DHEA. Moreover, the extract contains four amino acids in infinitesimal doses, promoting cellular regeneration and telomerase function through "Epithalamin." Lapis Ostra is your key to vitality, balance, and well-being.

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Lapis Ostra
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