Lapis Pro

Introducing Lapis Pro - Gut Microbiota Bio-regulator Complex | Fulmina Distri, a groundbreaking product dedicated to intestinal wall regeneration and microbiota regulation. Rooted in Radix Scutellariae Eukaryotes, Lapis Pro recognizes the pivotal role of the intestines in overall health. With around 100 trillion micro-organisms, a myriad of functionalities, and an expansive mucosa, it forms the core of our immune defense, impacting our physical, cerebral, and energetic potential. Through metagenomic research, Lapis Pro offers a highly specific plant-based bio-regulator for the intestinal microbiota of exceptional quality. As it promotes digestion, immune stimulation, and regenerative systems, Lapis Pro highlights the importance of active principle quality, precise strain selection, and resistance to gastric and biliary acidity. Ensuring these principles reach the intestines with full efficacy is crucial for maintaining optimal gut health and overall well-being.

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Lapis Pro
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